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May 31, 2017

Zonafide & Moneo


Wednesday 31st May  6pm – 9:30pm  @ Shoreditch Platform
The next Coinscrum touches on two topics that will remain hot in the blockchain industry for some time to come. Identity (to make the whole thing work) and Talent (to make the whole thing work).
Join us at Shoreditch Platform to hear from the teams at Zonafide ( and Moneo (
Zonafide’s mission is to enable people to work together to prevent fraud. It is the first non-cryptocurrency application of the blockchain intended for the general public on Android. It enables people to declare Activities that require other’s to have Acknowledged as legitimate before a counterparty acts on them. It can be applied to many scenarios, with mutual or authoritative trust requirements, having a goal to be completely ubiquitous in its use. Like WhatsApp but the GrownApp for Grown up things.
Founder & CEO, Paul Worrall will discuss: How smart contracts on the blockchain are being used by Zonafide® to help people work together to prevent fraud. Maybe it is an instruction to your Solicitor to make a house payment, confirmation of a change of details with your bank or authority for workmen to access premises. Smart contracts are helping people prove activities are genuine and making it much harder for fraudsters when it isn’t. The audience will be encouraged to install the DApp on their mobile phones, the Founders will be offering to provide test Eth in person to use the DApp.
Instruction to all attendees to make this event interactive:
To use the Zonafide DApp you will need some test ETH. If you download the DApp from Android, please search Zonafide on Google Play and create a new Key, you will find you can share your Address with the Zonafide team and they will credit it with some test ETH. Apple users can do the same but you need to provide your email address to get an invite to you from Apple to access the DApp over their TestFlight service.
To communicate with the Zonafide team, please use Gitter via the ‘Open Chat’ on their website or email them at [masked].
About Paul
Paul Worrall is the founder of Zonafide® – He has thirty years experience in distributed computing applied to investment and private banking. Career milestones include capping 650 burning Kuwaiti oil wells following the 1991 Gulf War, building trading solutions for Nomura, Merrill Lynch and JPMorgan Chase and tech startups in Wealth Management, Islamic Finance, Mobile Messaging and Enterprise Software Management. Passions are racing motorcycles and improvised blues guitar – he composed the sound of Ethereum.
Amy Diez, COO, and Richard Foster CEO at Moneo will be talking about , a relationship platform, connecting the smartest people in the blockchain industry with leading startups and institutions. There’s a blockchain skills shortage; finding the diamond in the rough is tough for any business getting started with blockchain. Moneo provide hand-picked industry leaders, ready to kick start any project; from an ICO, to a private blockchain solution.
• Introduction to Moneo
• Industry Trends
• How We’re Different (just another marketplace?)
• Execution and Growth
• Our Vision
• Get Involved
•About Amy
Up until recently, Amy was an Associate Director and Chartered Accountant in KPMG’s Financial Modelling team. She left her safe and stable office in Canary Wharf to bring her professional consulting experience to Moneo.
“We’ve built a great product to make the process of finding and hiring easy, and we offer a personal touch with everyone on our platform. We want to build a community, and we want to get it right.”
About Richard
Richard founded a previous marketplace startup, raised funding, and got traction. By trade, Richard is a freelance Network Architect in finance / energy in London.“Blockchain doesn’t need to be mainstream like the Apple App Store, but it will spawn thousands of new apps, and a new way for industries to operate (like TCP/IP did in the 90’s).”

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