Unintended Consequences of MiCA With INATBA and Stokr, Regulated Tokenized Securities with Texture Capital and BTC Volatility and Variance Swaps With Flowdesk

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Richard Johnson, CEO of Texture Capital, spent some time with Coinscrum host and Honeycomb Digital CIO Baxter Hines to discuss the development in the Market Spotlight Segment. Guilhem Chaumont, CEO of Flowdesk, joined Teana Baker-Taylor to dig into the cryptocurrency derivatives market and provide a bit of market analysis. Bitcoin options open interest has been on the rise, increasing at a higher rate than BTC futures and the bitcoin market cap in the Crypto RFQ Segment. Ian Taylor, chair of CryptoUK, spoke with Marc Taverner, executive director of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications (INATBA), and Arnab Naskar, co-founder of Stokr, about the proposed regulation. Naskar is also co-chair of the financing working group at INATBA in the Governance & Guardrails Segment.

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