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Coinscrum {minicon} is back, in partnership with UCL

Why pay $1500 to go to yet another two day blockchain conference when your buddies at Coinscrum stick it to you for free? More details to follow but, on Friday 23rd Feb, we’ll be hearing from:


Decred (@decredproject)

– Since 2016, Decred has striven to solve blockchain governance. Their innovative consensus voting model empowers stakeholders and allows for the seamless transition from one set of rules to another. Decentralised decision-making and self-funding have enabled them to build a robust, evolving digital currency, free from third party influence.

Jamie Holdstock (Developer) & Kyle Chivers (Motion Designer) will be here along with Noah Pierau (Community Coordinator) who will explain how the Decred project has solved the challenge of decentralised governance by implementing an innovative hybrid PoW/PoS blockchain. Noah is a lifelong advocate of innovation and continuous improvement. In 2015 he obtained his BSc degree from the University of Amsterdam, with a major in Political Science. While finishing his academic studies, Noah started actively researching blockchains. Early 2016 he was one of the participants in the Decred airdrop.


Robert Sams (@clearmatics )

– The idea of having so-called “stable coins” in crypto is as old as the hills. Both asset-backed and pegged versions have been tried and will continue, no doubt, to evolve – with each having notable challenges.

Robert and his team at Clearmatics have had close visibility on the subject as they worked with a number of major banks on their Utility Settlement Coin project. These challenges and more will be what he’ll be telling us about.


Charles Hoskinson (@cardano_)

– Always a Coinscrum favourite, we’re pleased to welcome Charles back for the first time since the launch of the Cardano Network. Judging by the quality of their team and the price of ADA, it seems like they might have something going on – and Charles will tell us all about his plans.


Greg Jarzabek (@_trustedhealth)

– Healthcare insurance and patient records have been mooted as a use-case made for blockchain for some time – but it certainly comes with its challenges too. Greg will speak about their latest updated white paper and ICO


Fathom (Formerly GaasWorks)

– Data Science is now ubiquitous throughout app development, but with no universal standardization the vast potential of this data is wasted. Fathom will be discussing the decentralization of Data Science and how they’re building an Economy of Analytics – rewarding those who contribute data and those who realize its value.

Andrew James Carter (@Carter_AndrewJ) followed up a PhD in Astrophysics with a career as a Data Scientist and Live Ops Director at NaturalMotion/Zynga and Exient. For the last 18 months he’s been building a semantic data pipeline and automating live ops as part of the founding team at Fathom.


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