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May 15, 2018

The Vega Protocol


Vega Protocol’s Barney Mannerings & Dave Hrycyszyn — Democratising Financial Derivatives
Vega are building an open blockchain and protocol for performant leveraged derivatives trading on any underlying asset. Vega brings the benefits of bitcoin and other crypto-assets to financial derivatives — permissionless trading, censorship resistance, and independence from middle men. Barney Mannerings and Dave Hrycyszyn will present on the design and implementation of the Vega Protocol, from the importance of the opportunity to the unique challenges of building a professional quality decentralised trading, risk management, and settlement platform.
About Barney:
Barney has built trading systems for numerous top banks and exchanges, worked with and written software for bitcoin and blockchain for 5 years, and founded a payments startup in 2016.
About Dave:
Dave has led software projects for some of the world’s largest organisations. His code is used by hundreds of millions of people.
Doors open at 18:00hrs
Presentations start at 18:30hrs
Followed by networking over drinks and pizza
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