The Lowdown on Eth 2.0 & POS with Attestant, Crypto Derivative Products With Efficient Frontier and Exploring Statechains With CommerceBlock

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Roei joins us to look at new new assets & instruments coming into the market in the Crypto RFQ Segment, Although ethereum’s been stealing the “scaling” headlines with the first phase of its move to proof of stake activating this week, Bitcoin has been taking some baby steps of its own towards much needed efficiency improvements with the recent activation of the “Taproot” upgrade process. Nick joined Paul to discuss what it might mean for future efficiency gains in the Market Spotlight Segment, The much anticipated Ethereum 2.0 “Beacon Chain” was successfully launched this week. However, this is just the first of a multi-phase & multi-year process that will eventually see the network migrate from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. We spoke to Steve & Robert to walk us through what happens next in another Market Spotlight Segment.

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