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September 12, 2017

RSK Co-founder Ruben Altman / Spice VC / DomRaider


Doors open at 18:00hrs
Presentations begins at 18:45hrs
In this special event co-hosted by Coinsilium (, were pleased to welcome Ruben Altman, Co-founder of RSK (, Carlos Domingo, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of SPiCE VC and Vidal Chriqui from DomRaider. Highly anticipated RSK is the first open-source smart contract platform with a 2-way peg to Bitcoin that also rewards the Bitcoin miners via merge-mining, allowing them to actively participate in the Smart Contract revolution. RSK goal is to add value and functionality to the Bitcoin ecosystem by enabling smart-contracts, near instant payments and higher-scalability. Ruben will share RSKs vision of the Internet of Value and how decentralised blockchains with smart contract capabilities will transform our financial system and society as a whole by enabling global financial inclusion, new democratic political systems and the Internet of Things.
Ruben Altman, co-founder and CTO at RSK Labs, holds a degree in Computer Science from University of Buenos Aires and has over 15 years of experience in the software development industry. Prior to RSK Labs, Ruben had founded Kinetica Solutions in 2007. Kinetica was a pioneer in the adoption of agile methodologies and an industry leader in Microsoft Technologies with clients in Latin America, USA, UK and Switzerland. Ruben also founded ANDA, a responsible tourism agency, and worked in corporations such as DISCO where he lead the first virtual shopping supermarket in Argentina, MIVA in London where he was European Software Development Manager of his Platform pay-per-click and NEC. Currently, he is also Professor of Computer Science at ORT University.”RSK is the most important project in which I worked in my professional career where technology is used to change society and make it fairer.”
Twitter: @RSKsmart
Disrupting the world of Venture Capital with the blockchain. VCs invest in startups that disrupt industries and reinvent the world we live in, generating billions of dollars in the process, but until now you could only participate if you were willing to “forget” about your money for 7 years. Security tokens turn VCs into Liquid VCs – tradable, inclusive, comfortable with both fiat and crypto, capable of investing in both equity and tokens, while still offering the traditional VC advantages of the portfolio management and proper due diligence. This time, its the VCs who are being disrupted. Spice VCs Co-Founder and Managing Partner Carlos Domingo takes to the stage to tell us exactly how they plan to bring about this change.
About Carlos Domingo
Carlos is a senior executive, entrepreneur and investor. He was the President and CEO of Telefonica R&D, and CEO of New Business and Innovation at Telefonica Digital, as well as co-founder and board member of Wayra, one of the world’s largest corporate accelerators. He has been CTO and CEO or board member of multiple tech startups. On the investment side he is the founder of Sling Ventures, an angel investment fund co-invested by the European Invested Bank, one of the founders of Dubai Angel Investors and a Venture partner in THCAP VC, and he managed the corporate VC of Telefonica Digital. Carlos was also one of the leaders of open source project Firefox OS.
Twitter: @carlosdomingo
Dom Raider – European leader in domain name drop-catching.
French hypergrowth startup DomRaider aspires to develop an open-source solution dedicated to real-time management of auctions based on blockchain technology. Dom Raider plans to revolutionise the existing and limited auction ecosystem by using blockchain technology. The objective is to develop the first decentralised network dedicated to real-time management of any auction in the world, either online or in the auctioning room. We will be joined by Vidal Chriqui who is ICO advisor for DomRaider.
With thanks to our industry sponsors Trippki (
Trippki ( a new hotel booking platform, creating a better relationship between customers and suppliers through its decentralised rewards protocol, TRIP. At the heart of Trippki is a blockchain smart contract system that manages payment and the distribution of TRIP tokens, offering real transferrable value.
Twitter: @Trippki_
With thanks to our venue sponsors at Monzo (
“In an age where you can order a pizza or a taxi at the touch of a button, we’re building a bank as smart as your phone and the world’s best current account to accompany it! Monzo is a powerful, smart and beautiful app packed with features to help you enjoy greater visibility and control of your spending.”

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