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September 23, 2020

Meet the Founders

Milana Valmont, Kira Network

Coinscrum spoke with Milana Valmont, co-founder and CEO of Prague-based DeFi project Kira Network, which launched this year and has developers in Singapore and Europe. The Kira Network is being built by Kira Core, the main contributor to the Kira ecosystem. Kira boasts the maiden decentralized network that enables market access to any cryptocurrency in the interchain ecosystem. They’re behind the KEX token and have a public sale in the works that crypto investors appear to be looking forward to.

Competitive Edge

Kira’s Valmont explained that the decentralized network enables market access to any digital asset in the chain ecosystem, giving users the opportunity to earn block and fee rewards from staking any digital asset on multiple chains simultaneously. As a result, users are able to maintain full liquidity and custody over their funds while they trade on Kira or access other DeFi apps.

Kira has built its own consensus algorithm, which it calls multi-bonded proof of stake. It lets users stake and trade any cryptocurrency, digital fiat, stablecoins and NFTs.

“It’s a big difference compared to other proof-of-stake chains right now in projects. They don’t support multi-staking — you can only stake a native asset there. And they don’t support natively staking derivatives. So basically we created this ability for users to utilize 100 percent of their capital without locking it up,” Valmont explained.

The way it works is you lock your assets to a validator and receive staking derivatives that allow you to keep trading, staking and using it on other platforms, which she describes as their competitive advantage.

Funding Round and Public Sale

Kira completed its seed and private round fundraising about a month ago. Now the team is preparing for the public round, for which they are targeting $400,000. The deal will include a white list to ensure that investors can participate fairly. It will be done through the KEX token. Valmont said while users can stake other assets on the Kira Network, staking the KEX token will be the most efficient way to earn rewards.

As of the time of the time of the interview, the public sale was not formally announced. They expect to reveal the whitelist information this week, which will include different phases and rules, including a competition and lottery. The public round in which the KEX token gets listed on an exchange will take place in mid-October. Investors can still participate in the whitelist before the token is listed

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