Gavin Andresen & Mike Hearn

You have to feel sorry for Bitcoin.
A child genius who, despite being unceremoniously dumped by its own mother (or father) when barely two years old, was lovingly saved and fostered by a group of charitable devotees. All was looking fine – even when the whole world finally got to hear about him in 2013 – only for him to find he suddenly had a thousand siblings, all of whom are supposedly going to grow up to be a hell of a lot smarter than he is. As fascinating as the possibilities that lay within some of the so-called Bitcoin 2.0 projects may be, the fact remains that the original is still by far the most widely adopted, valuable and, well, functional kid in town. So it gives us great pleasure to be able to welcome two of Bitcoins best known foster parents, Gavin Andresen (Chief Scientist at The Bitcoin Foundation) and Mike Hearn (Vinumeris/Lighthouse), to Toynbee Hall on April 16th to share their latest thoughts and, no doubt, remind us that, given time, Bitcoin can indeed prove itself to be more than capable of fulfilling its early promise and much more to boot.
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