London Bitcoin Meetup #1


London Bitcoin Meetup #1

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Just realised not done much with this so far. Just wanted to see if anyone wanted to meet up in London informally to just say hi.

We can discuss what ever you want and what you are looking to get from this. I guess the goal is to shape what the purpose of this meetup could do and to make sure people get something out of it. Figured different people here may have different levels of knowledge of Bitcoin and wanted to find out more about a specific area (e.g. financial activism/ currency trading) or want to learn more from a broader point of view.

Maybe an opportunity for people to share what they know with others who would find it relevant perhaps. Picked West London Paddington station as most people appear to be based in London and its easy to get to from Reading. Feel free to make other suggestions for a good pub/venue if you know of one.

The pub is called The Cleveland Arms,28 Chilworth Street, London, W2 6DT and appears to be a few minutes walk from Paddington Main station. Plus it has good reviews 😉 Will arrange a table with the pub if I can and maybe put a little sign up if this popular

Just shout out if you have any questions or suggestions

Thanks, Iain

2012-10-21, 18:00 PM


The Cleveland Arms, 28 Chilworth Street, London, W2 6DT