Introducing Token Lounge & Knabu


Introducing Token Lounge & Knabu

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Doors open at 6pm

Presentation starts at 6:30pm followed by networking

This month we welcome the teams from Token Lounge & Knabu to the soapbox.


TOKEN LOUNGE is a new protocol for Pool investing into ICO’s by using Smart Contracts, that allows a higher degree of security for investors when compared to traditional pooling systems. In fact, thanks to a series of rules baked into the Smart Contract, only if every Pool contributor has received the expected tokens from the ICO, can the funds collected leave the Pool. Should the ICO not deliver the promised tokens within the expected time, the contributors will be able to withdraw all their contributions back autonomously.

This provides peace of mind to investors, especially when they will see they tokens delivered months after their contributions. The end goal, is to become the gold standard of how ICO’s, and crypto projects in general, interact early investors.


Knabu is creating a clearing bank here in the UK for the crypto community. They have started their bank authorisation process, and are working with the FCA and the PRA towards providing service next year. True decentralisation is hard to achieve today. Their founders know first hand how the crypto economy is being held back by the current bank model, and banks refusing to provide basic services to crypto companies. They are tackling this non trivial problem and plan to drive the d-economy with new products and services that are blockchain aligned.


Coinscrum {Social} is our less formal event stream, open to all – whether a complete newcomer to the space or a seasoned pro – where you can come and meet other members of our community, ask all the questions you like and chew the fat over a beer or two.


With thanks to our group sponsors, eToro

eToro is a global investment platform which offers stocks, indices, ETFs, currencies and cryptocurrencies to over 9 million clients. As one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, eToro allows clients to invest in three seperate ways. Firstly you can manually buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, NEO, Ethereum Classic and Dash. Secondly, for those with a lack of experience or time, clients can automatically copy the trades of eToro’s most successful experts. Lastly, for those who want to invest in a selection of cryptos, this is made possible with eToro’s Crypto CopyFund which contains cryptos based on market capitalisation.

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That boring legal stuff

Please note: We welcome all of our innovative founders to share their ideas at Coinscrum and also love our sponsors to bits. However, their presentations or services provided do not infer any kind of endorsement by Coinscrum, its organisers or Scrumline Ltd of any possible investment opportunity via their products and services or in any related ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Crypto-tokens are a high risk investment and you should always carry out your own thorough research and due diligence before deciding whether or not to invest yourself.


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2018-09-12, 18:00 PM


Shoreditch Platform, 1 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA