Halvening Jamboree featuring Charles Hoskinson


Halvening Jamboree featuring Charles Hoskinson

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So, The Great Bitcoin Halvening is upon us this weekend and it would be remiss of us to let it go by without a minor celebration, at least.

So, you are therefore invited to Coinscrum’s Halvening Jamboree at the usual place and at the usual time next Tuesday, 12th July at 93ft East on Brick Lane. A hell of a lot has happened since Coinscrum was born just a few months prior to the last halvening in 2012 so, rather than having anyone present this time, well just gather in the sunshine, drink a few halves of lager and talk about the highs, the lows and the “oh nos” of the last 4 years – and to raise a glass to more of the same in the next 4.

We’ll get started at 6:30pm and drinks will not be half price. See you there.


Whether you’re new to the crypto scene or a veteran, Coinscrum’s Tuesday night social is an opportunity for like minded people to get together, chew the fat over a beer and plan the future of economic interaction. All newcomers welcome – we’re a friendly bunch and there’s always someone on hand to answer any questions you may have.



2016-07-12, 18:00hrs


93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU