Bitcoins 4 Babies Charity Event


Bitcoins 4 Babies Charity Event

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Dear Bitcoin buddies

I would like to invite you to attend Bitcoins 4 Babies, an event I am arranging in Londons hip and happening Brick Lane on Friday 21st November at 93 Feet East. The event is to raise bitcoins and cash for the wonderful OCC.

The OCC is a drug free hospital that uses osteopathy to help treat newborn babies and their mothers. They treated my little girl Freya and did a wonderful job helping her, but unfortunately, since the banks got bailed out their charity is receiving no grants from the government and donations have dwindled.

Tickets are selling at £20 a head, but you may also purchase using BTC for the daily equivalent of £20. (Feel free to add more as a donation.) ALL ticket money goes directly to the charity. This event took a lot of blood and sweat on my behalf to set up for the Bitcoin community and I would appreciate the support of everyone to make it a night to remember. I am taking it upon myself to educate local charities on the benefits of using BTC as a means to collect donations (no easy feat, I may as well have been speaking Spanish to the Chinese, but I persevered). This is to be the first of many charitable nights I organise I hope. My drive is bring a friendly face to bitcoin and generate some positive press, while helping worthy causes. To buy your tickets you may pay the old fashioned way here: Or using BTC here: 1GCm5R8SznGhjbKowWGwZAiwtWhmLnE5zH Then, email us your name’s for the list at [masked]

If you cannot attend but want to donate to the OCC you can use either link to donate too. Chat bitcoin and network while enjoying nice music, drinks and good karma ;-)All the best,Rachel (DJ Miss Mixit)


2014-11-21, 18:00hrs


    93 Feet East, 150 Brick Lane, London, E1 6RU