A peak over the Great Firewall of China


A peak over the Great Firewall of China

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On 29th August we welcome Virgilio Lizardo Jr. to Coinscrum to offer us a birds eye view of the crypto currency landscape in China. China has emerged from virtually nowhere to become a major driver in the bitcoin mining, exchange and investment ecosystem over the past few years which has led to a certain amount of trepidation outside of its borders. Virgilio is a Dominican who grew up in the United States but has lived in China for nearly a decade since when has delivered corporate training for more than 100 companies in South China, allowing him to have a deep understanding of Chinese management and corporate culture.

As Vice President of International Affairs at Bitbank Group ( bw.com, bitbank.com, btc123.com) he currently handles international business development, project management, public relations, translation, marketing and customer service. His presentation will cover the development of the digital currency sector in China, including:

• Bitcoin’s Use in China

• Policies of the Chinese Government

• The Chinese Bitcoin mining industry


Bitbank Group is one of the elite companies in the sector that, through its family of companies, encompasses almost every aspect of the Bitcoin ecosystem:

• Exchanges: CHBTC one of China’s first, with an average daily volume of 25,000 bitcoins

• Mining: Bw.com, one of world’s top miners by hash rate and 2nd largest producer of mining hardware in China

• Bitcoin finance: Bitbank.com which features an interest wallet product and has managed over 25 successful crowdfunds mostly related to mining.

• Blockchain Research: In collaboration with Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen, China Bitbank group contributes to the development of talent and education in the blockchain technology sector.


2017-08-29, 18:00hrs


Shoreditch Platform, 1 Kingsland Road, London, E2 8AA