UCL Bitcoin Research Seminar with Dr. Sarah Meiklejohn


UCL Bitcoin Research Seminar with Dr. Sarah Meiklejohn

per person

This is a regular university research seminar more suited to those that have a reasonably good understanding of block chain technologies.

Topics: financial cryptography, payment, applied cryptography, P2P financial systems, digital currencies, bitcoin network, double spending, 51%, security, attacks, ECDSa, elliptic curve, key managment, cold storage, vulnerabilities, alt-coins, mining profitability, miner attacks, cartel attacks, monetary policy, programmable money systems, financial regulation, DAO, bitcoin crime.

This week:

Dr. Sarah Meiklejohn who recently joined UCL will present her celebrated research on bitcoin anonymity and tracing bitcoin transactions.more information can be found here www.blog.bettercrypto.com/?page_id=20

2014-10-16, 18:00hrs


    UCL, London, WC1E 7J