Tezos w/ Arthur Breitman


Tezos w/ Arthur Breitman

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Welcoming Tezos founder, Arthur Breitman.

One of the most ambitious new blockchain projects, and one of the most hyped. Tezos was the first decentralised blockchain to identify the problem of governing blockchains – and the first to provide a solution allowing the system to change with a built-in delegated voting mechanism. Tezos also facilitates formal verification of smart contract, a technique which mathematically proves the correctness of the code governing transactions and boosts the security of the most sensitive or financially weighted smart contracts.

We welcome, co-founder, Arthur Breitman to Coinscrum on Thursday 7th September to shed light on his and his teams vision, objectives and USP in what is becoming a very crowded space. Edan Yago, CEO of London-based blockchain startup Epiphyte will provide brief introduction.

Doors open at 6pm Presentations begin at 6:45pm


Also featuring Real-Time eSports Betting Platform, Gimli.Gimli is the first truly decentralised eSports betting platform, for the community, by the community. Gimli uses the blockchain to guarantee trustless betting, donations, and more. Gimlis concept is centred around allowing esports streamers to provide bets on their streams, deciding what percentage fee to retain on every bet made by their fans. With streamers as its influencers, Gimli redefines the whole betting experience and offers the community an easy to use and transparent way of engaging with each other. We will be joined by Gimlis two Cofounders:

Julien: A seasoned leader with a strong background in internet based businesses. With Engineering Masters from the Ecole Polytechnique and Columbia University, he’s been working in online video and adtech ventures. Julien’s brings his strategic vision in product and engineering to Gimli’s founding team. He has been experimenting with the blockchain for the past year and his goal is to make the revolution accessible to everyone as soon as possible.

Dan: Dan is a multi-disciplined entrepreneur specialized in Digital Marketing & International Trade, with a Master’s in International Business. Dan worked as a Product Manager before becoming Purchasing & Marketing Manager of a well-known company specialized in household equipment. He is very excited to cofound Gimli and work on innovative digital solutions for the gaming community. Within the team his responsibilities lie in Digital Marketing & Community Management of the Gimli platform.




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2017-09-17, 18:00hrs


Monzo, 230 City Road, London, EC1Y 1BE