Starting a crypto business with Entrepreneur First


Starting a crypto business with Entrepreneur First

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If you’d asked us not more than a year ago, we’d have been saying that, given all of the hype surrounding blockchain technology, there was not a huge amount of evidence that it was being mirrored by a commensurate number of startups coming through the pipeline to support it. How things have changed in a year. With an explosion of projects now coming out of the woodwork, some of the unique challenges to starting up a crypto business are also becoming very apparent too. With that in mind, we’re very pleased to host a special event with Reid Hoffman-backed incubator, Entrepreneur First. You can read more about them here:

At the event, EF partner and old friend of Coinscrum, Nadav Rosenberg, will introduce three of their current cohort that are working on crypto-related projects. Once we’ve heard from each of them, Nadav will lead a panel discussion that will be sure to offer you some insights around the opportunities and pitfalls to watch our for when starting a crypto business. Presenting on the night will be:


CreditMint is building the technical infrastructure to allow small lenders to disrupt the $4.1tn syndicated lending industry. It is building the digital loan smart contracts on Ethereum mainnet, along with dealmaking, trading and settlements software, to launch private debt on a public blockchain.


Prime Factor Capital is a crypto asset manager. The company is launching an institutional-grade investment fund, which solves the four big problems of crypto investing:

• what to buy

• how to buy

• how to store

• how to be compliant



TokenAnalyst is bringing transparency to the decentralized economy. We parse and analyze every transaction on the blockchain, deriving data-driven insights and metrics that enable institutional investors to fundamentally value crypto-assets.


With thanks to our group sponsors, eToro

eToro is a global investment platform which offers stocks, indices, ETFs, currencies and cryptocurrencies to over 9 million clients. As one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world, eToro allows clients to invest in three seperate ways. Firstly you can manually buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Bitcoin Cash, Stellar, NEO, Ethereum Classic and Dash. Secondly, for those with a lack of experience or time, clients can automatically copy the trades of eToro’s most successful experts. Lastly, for those who want to invest in a selection of cryptos, this is made possible with eToro’s Crypto CopyFund which contains cryptos based on market capitalisation.

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And some more love for Coinscrum {Presents} sponsors, KR1

KR1 is a leading publicly listed investment company focused on blockchain and decentralised technologies. KR1 invests in early stage projects and blockchain-based digital assets that power the decentralised platforms and protocols that form the emerging Web3 infrastructure. For more information, please visit


That boring legal stuff

Please note: We welcome all of our innovative founders to share their ideas at Coinscrum and also love our sponsors to bits. However, their presentations or services provided do not infer any kind of endorsement by Coinscrum, its organisers or Scrumline Ltd of any possible investment opportunity via their products and services or in any related ICO (Initial Coin Offering). Crypto-tokens are a high risk investment and you should always carry out your own thorough research and due diligence before deciding whether or not to invest yourself.


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