Hackcoin, London’s First Blockchain Hackathon

Hackcoin, London’s First Blockchain Hackathon

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On the weekend of 28th and 29th June 2014, London will host its first dedicated Bitcoin Hackathon.Wanna build a business in digital currency? Or just want to have fun coding over a weekend? HackCoin (www.hackco.in) is the UKs first digital currency hackathon and its happening in London this month @ IDEALondon (www.idea-london.co.uk) – Shoreditch on the 28 & 29 June. It will give you a chance to get involved in this new Fintech movement. For coders we have a few APIs for you to play with – connect the world of CryptoCurrencies to existing tech infrastructure! For entrepreneurs we welcome all your exciting, mould breaking ideas!

APIs: Ethereum Protocol for decentralisation. Go client API www.github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum

wikiC++ api: www.github.com/ethereum/cpp-ethereum/

wikigo and c++ (both on edge) will execute serpent + mutan and LLL, respectively the python client has an API but nothing is documented.

Bitcoin Average: A tool for weighted price averages in bitcoin  www.bitcoinaverage.com/apiBittyliciousBitcoin brokerage https://bittylicious.com/help/index.php/Do_you_have_an_API%3F

The trade list one can be modified (Using a secret code) to list basic data on every single trade thats every happened on Bittylicious.

Twilio Telephony systems  www.twilio.com/api Plus Google 2 factor authentication https://developers.google.com/accounts/docs/OAuth2LoginPubnubsyncing platform for mobile/desktop www.pubnub.com/Signup (www.cryptoblog.tech) and join the party!

Whether you are coder or entrepreneur or potential sponsor we want to hear from you. Visit www.cryptoblog.tech for further details. For all enquiries regarding this event, please contact the organisers via: www.cryptoblog.tech Click here (www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/digital-currency-hackathon-tickets-11669522857?ref=ebtnebregn) to visit the HackCoin Eventbrite page to register. Registrations are not being taken via Meetup.com. Please follow the links above to apply. Sponsored by:


2014-06-28, 18:00hrs


Idea London, 69 Wilson St, London, EC2A 2BB