Chamapesa – introduced by Ian Grigg


Chamapesa – introduced by Ian Grigg

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Chamapesa was created to give people the tools to take control of their own finances by bringing local trust to the global market.

The mobile app is powered by blockchain technology and is aimed at bringing greater transparency, integrity and control to savings and investing group members. Chamas in Kenya alone control up to $8b in assets although social savings groups are not only a phenomenon in Kenya but all across Africa, contributing over half the GDP of African countries through saving and investing in the economy. Alongside offering a means of saving outside the global financial system, Chamapesa will also give Chama groups access to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and export an East African community tradition to the rest of the world.Fresh from a recent road show in Kenya, we are delighted to welcome back to London, our dear friend, Chamapesa’s architect Ian Grigg.

Read more at www.chamapesa.comAbout IanIan Grigg has been in the financial cryptography space since 1995, when he ran a startup to issue and trade bonds digitised as contracts. Since then he has worked on digitising cash, precious metals, identity, social savings, and bringing DLT to financial institutions. He is now working on a number of blockchain and DLT related projects including EOS.- Unix systems programmer[masked]- Financial Cryptographer 1995-Present- Specialties: Financial Cryptographer / Crypto-Plumber- Developed the Ricardo Transaction Engine from 1995-Present.- Inventions: Ricardian Contract, Triple-Entry Accounting

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