Bitcoin Focus #2 – Bitcoin Bootcamp


Bitcoin Focus #2 – Bitcoin Bootcamp

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Were pleased to announce the agenda for Novembers Bitcoin Focus.As before, we want these events to remain accessible to all. If youre a bitcoin noob then make sure you’re there in time for our Bitcoin Bootcamp and well try to ensure that it includes some interesting content for the more experienced among you too. A big thank you to our sponsors at TechHub, CoinDesk and Diacle for allowing us to keep these events free to attend and to keep the food and drink flowing. Click through to their websites via their ads under “Our Sponsors” in the left hand column. And, of course, thanks to our speakers for giving up their time and knowledge. The Agenda for the evening will be:

5:45pmDoors open and time to network/

6:30pm Welcome from our sponsors

6:40pm Bitcoin Bootcamp. Presented this month by Hakim Mamoni of Hakim will be presenting a layman’s account of the inner workings of the Bitcoin protocol and also discussing some of the many possible features and use-cases that it has the capacity to support in the years ahead. Followed by Q&A’s.

7:00pm Bitcoin Mining – Bedroom to bank account. Presented by Edd Harpham. Edd will be giving an overview to bitcoin mining, what it is, and what it isnt. He’ll describe some basic differences between the older ways of mining bitcoin vs the new dedicated technology and how you can still profit from bedroom mining. There is even a guide on how to build your own miner and what sites you need to get started turning electricity into cash. Followed by Q&A’s

7:25pm Bitcoin in context, a brief cultural history of money. Presented by Lui Smyth, Anthropology researcher at UCL. Lui will examine different ways of understanding money, drawing examples from history and anthropology. From gift economies through to gold, paper, plastic, and digital, he will explore the relationship between money systems and political power. Followed by Q&A’s.

7:50pm Regulatory Update. Presented by compliance specialist Adam Vaziri of Diacle and media lawyer Eitan Jankelewitz. As it is our hope that our events will inspire more and more UK based start-ups, we intend to make this a regular feature so that Adam and Eitan can pass on the experiences of their existing bitcoin clients, discuss any significant regulatory changes and field questions from any would be bitcoin CEOs.

8:00pm Final chance for Q&A’s with all our speakers and then back to networking over food and drinks.

2013-11-25, 18:00hrs


Campus London, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX