Bitcoin 101 :: The Economics of Bitcoin :: Mining 101


Bitcoin 101 :: The Economics of Bitcoin :: Mining 101

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This event is for you! Some more experienced people have registered, which is nice, but we have asked them to step aside to make room for the noobs. If they don’t do so voluntarily we will be getting out our hatchet nearer the time to make room for you:) Join the waiting list anyhow and well do our best to make sure you all get a place. Our next Bootcamp will take place at Campus on Tuesday 18th February and is being sponsored by Dealcoin & TechHub. Designed to help bitcoin newcomers to navigate their way through what can be a minefield of information, our speakers will be covering the essentials from wallets, security, exchanges and much more. The Agenda for the evening will be:

6:15pm Doors open and time to network

7:00pm Money 101. Presented by Nadav Rosenberg.

Bitcoin turns our understanding of our existing monetary system on its head but history shows us that the concept of money has meant different things to different people at various points in time. So, can Bitcoin really be a viable alternative to what we already have? Nadav takes us through various perceptions of money so you will hopefully be in a better position to decide for yourself:

• What is money, what is currency, what are payments & what is Bitcoin

• How to compare money to language

• The features of money

• The 5 criteria to evaluate currency

• Why crypto currency (Bitcoin is just one) can serve as a currency. Followed by Q&A’s.

7:30pm. Bitcoin 101. Presented this month by Hakim Mamoni of Lets start at the beginning. The more you read about Bitcoin the more questions you are likely to find. Many of you will have already started your research but Hakim will take us back to the very basics and discuss the broad nature of Bitcoin, its disruptive potential and talk about some of the best practices that all new comers should know about. Followed by Q&A’s.

8:00pm Mining 101. Presented by Edd Harpham. Edd will be giving an overview to bitcoin mining, what it is, and what it isn’t. Hell describe some basic differences between the older ways of mining bitcoin vs the new dedicated technology and how you can still profit from bedroom mining. There’s even a guide on how to build your own miner and what sites you need to get started turning electricity into cash. Followed by Q&A’s

8:30pm Panel Q&As

8:45pm Pizza & Networking

Grab someone that looks like they know what they’re talking about and pick their brains with any questions you have.

9:30pm Home Time


2014-02-14, 18:00hrs


Campus London, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London, EC2A 4BX