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London FinTech Week ( off on July 10th and well be hosting Coinscrum {Blockstars} to coincide with all the activity on 12th July at Rise London ( (Shoreditch) to showcase some exciting new blockchain projects.


Etherparty ( is an easy to use smart contract wizard that lets users build smart contracts with simple buttons and functions. No coding, programming or developing involved. With Etherparty you can create everything from a simple peer to peer escrow contract, to complicated supply chain management. You can even create your own Ethereum token, crowdfunding contract, and run an ICO all on Etherparty.

Etherparty bridges the gap from the technology to users by providing an easy to navigate UI, contract libraries and built in oracles. Kevin Hobbs, CEO of Etherparty will be walking us through his teams vision


Etch ( is a shared financial ledger for the construction industry to make “real time payment” and “straight through payroll” a reality. Etch founder, Euros Evans (@euros) career has been an overlap of both construction and technology. As a first year building studies student he launched the first online “real estate” website. This was the spring of 1993! He later went on to study architecture at East London University, and then worked for a practice in Chester. Due to the years of working on building sites with his dad, his role at the practice was very hands on – signing off and approving payments for contractors. Disputes over work done, was, and still is, the main source of conflict in the construction industry. Fast-forward twenty years and the technology is here now to help ease this pain. And this is what Euros and his team are building. Community Manager, Ben Whyte and engineer, Joshua Richardson will be telling us more about their motivation and objectives.

About Ben

Ben first discovered blockchain while researching his dissertation on The Social Implications of Bitcoin and Tor in 2013. Graduating with a 1st Degree in Business and Enterprise Systems, he has previously started and run 5 businesses including a digital marketing agency and two e-commerce businesses.

About Joshua

Joshua Richardson is an entrepreneurial software engineer, who specialises in developing commercial trustless systems. He has a history in a consulting blockchain startup and is now working with Etch, a provider of realtime blockchain-backed payments for the construction industry.


Swarm Fund ( is building a $100B+ asset corridor bridging old world finance with new crypto opportunities. Their market infrastructure allows funds to automate creation, fundraising, deployment, distribution, and reporting via an enhancement of smart contract technology called “state boxes.”

They launch with multiple partner funds (distressed real estate, art, renewables, hedge funds) who have already deployed $100mm+ with 30+% IRR and managing partners who have managed $10B+ in portfolios.Their infrastructure is fully accessible and over time will be entirely governed by its community members. They use a token-based stake-weighted liquid democracy system to provide both an early adopter incentive and long-term input vector (voting). Additionally, members get access to new deal opportunities before anyone else, such as our affiliated Ethereum Alpha crypto hedge fund. CEO, Joel Dietz will be on stage to tell us more.

About Joel

Joel co-founded the first smart contract educational channel (EtherCasts), the Ethereum Silicon Valley meetup, wrote the original “AppCoin Manifesto,” and built the first decentralised asset and governance platforms on the Bitcoin blockchain.

His facilitation of the “LoveNest” blockchain-community living space setup in Palo Alto has included many presentations on Decentralized Autonomous Society, DAO Democracy, Futarchy, and Liquid Democracy. He holds degrees from Brown University and the University of Pennsylvania and has won prizes from Google and Salesforce.


Indorse ( is a blockchain-powered decentralised professional network developed in Singapore by the co-founders of the Smart Contract-As-A-Service platform Attores. Indorse’s co-founders, David Moskowitz (CEO) and Gaurang Torvekar (CTO) have demonstrated their ability to successfully deploy blockchain technology and smart contract solutions for private companies and public institutions in Singapore, including some of Singapore’s leading institutions of higher learning. The Indorse platform, which aims to revolutionise professional social networking using new models of tokenisation and decentralisation, will allow its members to profit from sharing their skills and activities on the platform via reward tokens. Indorse will be integrated with a number of DApps such as Attores Certificate Issuance Platform, Inter Planetary File System (IPFS), uPort identity system, Truffle, Spectrum and Status.

About Gaurang

Gaurang is Co-founder and CTO of Attores. Gaurang has been involved with several startups in FinTech and AI across India and Singapore as the ‘tech guy’. He has a Masters from Singapore Management University in Information Systems. He conducts courses on Ethereum hands-on coding and has also worked on a book on Building Ethereum Dapps.


Aventus ( is building the global open standard for the the exchange of tickets using the blockchain. Aventus’ innovations vastly improve upon existing solutions by bringing oversight and transparency to the ticketing lifecycle, security to the transfer and validity of tickets, new revenue streams for event organisers and greater promotional capabilities. The platform eliminates uncontrolled resale and counterfeit tickets. It allows event organisers to create, manage and promote their events and tickets with dramatically reduced costs, even letting them set price controls and receive commissions on ticket resales. It also gives ticket buyers rewards for promoting events, and identifying fraudulent activity. Founders Annika Monnari and Alan Vey will be presenting.

About Annika

Annika Monari, director and co-founder: First class honours, MSci physics from Imperial College London, dissertation in detecting dark matter decays of Higgs bosons at the CMS experiment (CERN) using machine learning, experience in Merchant Banking at Goldman Sachs.

About Alan

Alan Vey, director and co-founder: First class honours, MEng Computing – Artificial Intelligence from Imperial College London, distinguished award-winning dissertation in blockchain-based film rights, experience in quantitative development at Brevan Howard and Entrepreneurial Business at Deloitte.


Agenda 6:00pm // Doors open & registration 6:20pm // Aventus presentation 6:45pm // Indorse presentation 7:10pm // Swarm Fund presentation 7:35pm // Etch presentation 8:00pm // Etherparty presentation 8:30pm // Networking & Refreshments 9:00pm // Off to the pub


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