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March 29, 2017

DFINITY :: Dr Nicolas T Curtois :: Wings


We’re pleased to be hosting the next in our MiniCon series on Wednesday 29th March, 2017 at UCL from 4:00pm to 7:30pm.
Dominic Williams, CTO of String Labs based in Palo Alto, California, and Chief Scientist of DFINITY ( based in Zug, Switzerland will talk about his most recent work. Dominic will present an overview of the DFINITY network that produces an Ethereum-compatible blockchain computer with improved performance, potentially infinite scale and a radical new governance system in pursuit of a “decentralized cloud” vision. The DFINITY Foundation continues research dating back to 2014, recently raising funds using smart contracts on Ethereum. It has around $10M in assets after its systems ran a “Seed” round in February and a “Main” round hard-capped to 20M CHF will automatically run later this year after the test network has launched.
DFINITY is conceived as a sister network for Ethereum that extends the EVM ecosystem by replacing the traditional “The Code is Law” paradigm with an “AI is Law” paradigm using a system called the “Blockchain Nervous System” that can update economic parameters, upgrade the protocol, freeze miscreant smart contracts and mitigate problems such as The DAO by executing smart contracts that use special new privileged instructions in the EVM (this system earns DFINITY the friendly moniker “Ethereums crazy sister”).
DFINITY also introduces powerful new network protocols and crypto techniques that dramatically improve performance and can underpin genuine scaling. Many of these new techniques are directly reusable within Ethereum, and DFINITY is contributing to work on shared components and developing important upgrades in key areas such as P2P networking. Dominic’s talk will cover some of this blockchain’s most important features:
– An introduction to DFINITY- Network position vis a vis Ethereum
– Applications of the “decentralized cloud”- The Blockchain Nervous System: from “Code is Law” to “AI is Law”
– Deep dive into Threshold Relay, a crypto: 3 technique
– Software release schedule
– Opportunities
Dom’s presentation will start at 6pm
About Dom
Dominic is Chief Scientist of the DFINITY project headquartered in Zug (Switzerland) and President & CTO of String Labs in Palo Alto (Silicon Valley) a studio, incubator and investor focused on advanced open protocol projects. His recent technical works include DFINITY technologies such as the Threshold Relay/Probabilistic Slot Protocol blockchain consensus mechanisms and the Blockchain Nervous System, and the PHI “crypto fiat” autonomous loan issuance system.
Dr Nicolas Curtois is a cryptologist and code-breaker and is a Senior Lecturer at University College London. He has authored several papers on bitcoin and is the author of the so called “Theory of Self-Destruction of Crypto Currencies”.
Dr Curtois will be talking about Stealth Address Techniques and Blockchain Anonymity. His presentation will begin at 5:15pm
WINGS ( aims to provide a decentralised project facilitation platform that provides a friendly user experience for both project creators and those interested in supporting them. The platform provides a complete set of tools for: smart contracts setup, project governance, engagement, crowdfunding and more. Swarm intelligence (via decentralised incentive forecasting) is used to encourage the submission of high quality projects.
WINGS is the first decentralized platform that supports multiple blockchains with flexible governance models for the creation and management of decentralized organizations. We want to utilize the power of blockchain technology and smart contracts, while hiding their complexities from both project creators and project supporters. Project Marketing & Communications Manager, Dominik Zynis will be demoing the Alpha release of their platform along with a presentation about their forecasting and ICO DAO. Dominik will begin his presentation at 4:30pm.
About Dominik
Dominik has been in the Crypto scene since 2012 and has a long background in software marketing and communications (Mastercoin/Omni Protocol, Siemens/eMeter, Oracle, JSON)?

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