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March 14, 2022

Coinscrum: Reflections On A 10-Year Voyage

The Birth Of Coinscrum


A decade ago, we founded Coinscrum as the UK’s first Bitcoin meetup group, facilitating the acceleration of knowledge transfer in London – the leading hub for finance and technology. Since then, the entire cryptosphere has evolved, resulting in the rise of Web3 underpinned by blockchain technology. The shift to distributed ledger technology holds vast potential to create a more equitable world, where individuals can participate in the value they create. 


Coinscrum, has developed from its early Bitcoin meetup days, to now hosting large-scale crypto events, producing engaging podcasts and managing multiple news platforms. We have ensured to cover a wide range of projects, including those that are non-mainstream, and as a result we have stood out amongst other media outlets. We are humbled by our progress over the past decade and we hope to continue building vibrant crypto-communities in the future.


Coinscrum’s Successful Events 


The Coinscrum Pro project was launched in February 2020, and despite this being the cusp of the COVID-19 pandemic, we managed to ignite crypto conversations and connections between leading Web3 vendors and institutions. 


The project comprised a new format, where the narrative was tailored to the specific audience to drive institutional interest. Additionally, it enabled Coinscrum to connect to partners and helped to build the attendees’ networks to further grow the Web3 community.


For the rest of 2020, our hunger for making an impact continued with the release of Coinscrum Markets – a video podcast featuring emerging crypto projects and some of the most well-known entrepreneurs in the space. 



Coinscrum’s Markets Podcast


Coinscrum Markets was a pivotal source of community knowledge. Three times per week, we launched into a podcast conversation and dive into the latest observations, analysis, and insights targeting the value creation in crypto and DeFi. 


The podcast was a striking success – the likes of Changpeng Zhao “CZ” of Binance, Brian Armstrong of Coinbase, Gavin Andresen, Nic Carter of Coin Metrics, Anthony Scaramucci of SkyBridge Capital, Tim Draper, and a handful of other visionaries, joined us in discussing, building, and predicting the decentralised future in which the majority of us will soon find ourselves. 


Along with the success of the podcast, over 250 events have been administered by Coinscrum. Events are a strategic area of focus due to enabling us to build communities in the most effective way. 


Some of the most influential fintech projects in the world have engaged with us to push forward the new and independent digital world agenda. Our partners have included bluechip companies, such as Coinbase, Binance,, Kraken, BlockFi, MakerDAO, Consensys, Circle, Tezos, Cardano, OKEX, Genesis, Etoro, Nasdaq, Messari, Ledger, and dozens more. In 2022 and beyond, we’ll be focusing more on our Meet The Founder podcast. 


Gathering All Crypto Enthusiasts


We’re proud to be one of the most established crypto communities with a history dating back to 2012. We have gathered over 8,000 engaged members on the platform, along with thousands of Twitter followers and email subscribers. Each Coinscrum event or conversation has led to a generation of new ideas and the development of the overarching vision: to build decentralised infrastructure and crypto communities.


We are experiencing synergies like never before. Coinscrum’s events and operations, combined with the visions of the many participating companies continue to propel us forward. We’re endlessly grateful to these projects who have helped us spread awareness, build trust, and create a new decentralised and booming financial ecosystem.


Raising And Nurturing Crypto-Talent


Rising entrepreneurs in the space have been able to utilise our platforms to pitch their protocols and products to both investors and DeFi enthusiasts, who sometimes go on to become stakeholders or customers. 


Inspired by the TED talk event format, we have organised invite-only events that have impacted a whole new generation of crypto-enthusiasts. Through our talks, we have enabled the exploration of core protocols and have given audiences across the globe access to insightful and cutting-edge ideas. 


Moving Past The Global Struggles


As we know, the launch of Coinscrum Pro coincided with the start of the pandemic. Events, gatherings and physical human interactions were put on pause – a tough challenge for us social animals. Despite this, we adapted and kept pushing the crypto narrative forward using virtual conferences and events as conduits to continue broadcasting the message to leaders and crypto-enthusiasts.


Today, with a cautiously optimistic stance, we (and many others) are preparing to once again gather in conference rooms where humans can exchange energy. Our mission remains the same – we aspire to spread crypto awareness, knowledge, and help people forge meaningful connections in the crypto community.



Enabling A Decentralised Future


A tremendous amount has been accomplished over the past 10 years. We have built a large community that is associated with thought-leaders and have created multiple channels to facilitate the building of global decentralised infrastructure. 


The pandemic and sudden shift to remote working revealed cracks in the traditional system. Many individuals took note of this, which led to a vast number of companies offering more flexible work arrangements. During this period our determination and ambition rose to new heights, fueled by our desire to live in a decentralised and more equitable world.


Let’s end with an announcement


Coinscrum plans to continue informing, inspiring, connecting, and building networks of like-minded people, united by a common vision. Our message will be propagated through our diverse range of channels and, of course, by you talking about it at Coinscrum events!


Coinscrum has returned, and is welcoming every enthusiast to participate in the mass information transfer and value creation in crypto through more events, insights, analysis, and life-changing conversations. We’ll be publishing in three different pillars of content: Read (for insights & analysis) Meet (for both physical and digital events) and Learn (for our flagship Meet The Founder podcast series). 


After 10 years of being on this voyage, we have come to realise that without the consistent and active support from the entire decentralised community, Coinscrum would not be where it stands today – we owe it to you. 


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