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October 20, 2014

Coinbase with Brian Armstrong


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The Future of Payments : Old vs New
Coinbase co-founder and CEO Brian Armstrong joins a panel with Paul Rodgers of Vendorcom and Eitan Jankelewitz of Sheridans.
It is remarkable to think that bitcoin has existed for just five years. In that time the currency and technology underpinning it has evolved beyond what anyone could have predicted. Bitcoin has enjoyed and endured a steep learning curve. It is built on a strong idea that quickly gained it credibility and sped up its adoption but also left it open to teething problems. So when a new company promised to make bitcoin a real-world, everyday alternative to traditional currencies, naturally it had its skeptics. In just two years Coinbase ( has managed to do what many thought impossible. It has built a trusted brand rapidly expanding across the world and bringing bitcoin to the masses. On Monday 20th October, we’re very pleased to welcome one of Coinbase’s co-founders, Brian Armstrong, to Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen as they make their move into Europe. Brians looking forward to discussing and debating the future of bitcoin and his plans for Coinbase on an active panel.’However, as bitcoin knocks on the door of traditional finance, can we be sure that the vision many of us share is realistic? To debate the matter we’re pleased to welcome Paul Rodgers of Vendorcom, the European organisation representing key stakeholders in the cards and payments industry, to play devils advocate and better help us understand the challenges that bitcoin faces.Also sharing his opinions will be Eitan Jankelewitz of media law firm Sheridans.
Finally, moderating the panel will be Kadhim Shubber of the Financial Times. Kadhim has a deep interest in bitcoin, having previously written for CoinDesk, but we expect him to approach the panel with his usual rigour. Coinbase have kindly sponsored the bar so you can expect free-drinks and snacks on arrival (until the tab runs out). Doors open at 6:30pm and the discussion will begin at 7pm. We look forward to seeing you there. Please note that this is a standing-only venue.

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Paul Gordon
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