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February 6, 2020

Braiins & Zebedee


Gaming on Lightning & The State of Bitcoin Mining
To coincide with the Advancing Bitcoin conference, we’re thrilled to welcome to our next edition of Coinscrum_presents one very well established project alongside one that is only just laying its foundations.
Christian Moss (aka MandelDuck) and Simon Cowell, will be introducing the Lightning-based gaming infrastructure project they’ve recently founded, ZEBEDEE, and one of the leading Bitcoin Mining analysts in the world, Chris Bendiksen from Coinshares, will be hosting a fireside chat with one of the pioneers of Pooled Bitcoin Mining, Pavel Moravec, the founder and CEO of Braiins, the company behind the the world’s first Bitcoin mining pool, Slush.
Introducing ZEBEDEE
The Lightning network has engendered a lot of excitement as a solution to Bitcoin’s scaling problems and, whilst various teams focus on the development of the protocol itself, a number of others have taken the lead in kick starting the development of the applications they believe will prove the use-case and value of the network.

One such project, ZEBEDEE, is developing the software tools and infrastructure to introduce first-class Bitcoin and Lightning support into gaming experiences. This will allow players, developers, streamers, and watchers to interact and instantly exchange value in a frictionless manner.

Simon and Christian will join us to tell us more about this project and how you can be involved. They will also demonstrate the new capabilities and potential this will add to the already natively digital economies of games.
About Christian
In 2014 Christian Moss (aka MandelDuck) released the popular Bitcoin games SaruTobi and Takara, making him one of the first developers working on Bitcoin-enabled mobile and web games. Since then Christian has focused full-time on Bitcoin development and its integrations in gaming universes and experiences. In addition to releasing the open source Lightning Network Pebble Wallet, as an early adopter of the technology he worked closely with Nayuta (a Lightning Network spec-contributing team) on building Lightning-enabled products and services. Most recently Christian won the 2019 Lightning Network Gaming Hackathon with a trilogy of mobile games that stream payments between players. At ZEBEDEE Christian will continue pushing the boundaries of innovation on gaming features that can be empowered by Bitcoin and Lightning microtransactions.
About Simon
With many years of experience in traditional finance ranging from venture capital to private equity and asset management, Simon brings a sharp understanding of financial markets and corporate strategies to ZEBEDEE. He has keenly followed the progress of software eating the world, and since 2014 his working life has been dominated by the realisation that software is now eating finance — through the open decentralised network of Bitcoin. Until very recently, Simon led Corporate Development at Bitstamp, the world’s longest-standing Bitcoin exchange.
The State of Bitcoin Mining – A Fireside Chat
What started out draining the the batteries on a couple of Satoshi’s old laptops in his bedroom as since become a multi-billion dollar business consuming the energy of a small country.
Given its importance as, arguably, the foundation for the entire crypto industry and even thought it now functions globally at an industrial scale, for many people, Bitcoin mining is something that just happens in the background.
Eliciting the notion that Free Market Economics might actually be a viable concept if allowed to flourish, and a good step in the right direction, a number of choke-points still exist along the Bitcoin mining stream that will still need to be addressed if Satoshi’s vision for true decentralisation is to be realised.
With the much anticipated 3rd Bitcoin halving event due to happen in May this year, it’s an opportune time to sit down with two of the leading experts in that part of the industry to hear their views and take a look at where mining has come from, where it is today, and where it is heading in the future.
Coinshares’ Mining Analyst, Chris Bendiksen will host a fireside chat with Braiins’ Pavel Moravec and extract everything you wanted to know, and a few things you wouldn’t have known without being in the room.
About Chris
Chris built and currently manages the research desk at CoinShares, a leading crypto investment bank where he and his team produce educational, developmental, industrial and market-related research on various cryptoassets.
About Pavel
Pavel is co-founder and co-CEO at Braiins – the company behind Slush Pool (the world’s first BTC mining pool), Braiins OS (leading fully open source OS for cryptocurrency embedded devices) and Stratum V2 (new mining protocol).
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Doors open at 6pm
Presentations begin at 6:30pm
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