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October 14, 2014

BitNation’s Susanne Tarkowski


Were pleased to be welcoming Susanne Tarkowski and other members of the team that have been working hard on the BitNation project to an informal presentation, discussion and audience Q&A at The Vape Lab this coming Tuesday, 14th October at 6pm. You can find out more about BitNation by visiting Spaces are limited so sign up now and come and join the debate.
Bitnation At A Glance:
Bitnation is a Distributed Organization (DO) that will provide services traditionally been provided by governments, such as land registration, dispute resolution, incorporation, title insurance, notary services, wills, family contracts, and education. The use of Decentralized Applications (DAPPs) can revolutionize the way people do business with each other in many respects. Cryptographically secure ID systems will allow people to obtain reputation is maintained for all of their financial contracts. Blockchain-based marriage contracts will give people the opportunity to bundle their assets without the permission of central authorities. Similarly, the land registry will give people in developing nations a chance to document their land ownership for the first time. The services will be offered all over the world. We are just aggregating them in one place for everybody, everywhere. We also encourage forking of our open source software to create your own DAPP. The crowdsale for Bitnation crypto equity (XBNX) kicked off on October 10th and will last 3 months ending on January 10th, 2015. From there we will have the funds to continue our open source software development, ambassador community outreach, and business development around the globe. We at Bitnation will be completely open with everything we do. All of our company funding and expenses will be made public on the blockchain.
What is XBNX ?
XBNX is not a digital currency, it’s equity in the Bitnation Company – a Distributed Organization (DO).XBNX represents BitNation’s corporate equity, just like if you owned equity shares in a LLC, which pay dividends on the corporate profit.
Ambassador Network
The Ambassador Network is the most important aspect of our organization. These young tech savvy, socially good driven, entrepreneurs make up the heart and soul of the Bitnation ethos. Through community engagement, they will identify political, social, and economic problems in their area and work with the development team to engineer DAPPs to specifically address those problems.
Examples of Bitnation Application
In emerging and frontier markets, governance services do not exist or are nearly impossible to use because of corruption and endless red tape. Yet these services are sorely needed; from deeding land, to corporate incorporation, mutual insurance, dispute resolution, and more.
Imagine for example Ricardo who owns a house in the favela in Rio de Janeiro, but due to government distrust and corruption he cannot deed it to protect it for his children’s future.
Imagine a phone salesman in Cambodia who can’t open a small back office company because it’s difficult to incorporate due to the significant bureaucratic red tape he has to overcome (the incorporation process takes an average of 104 days in Cambodia). But the phone salesman needs to incorporate to sell equity to raise funds, in order to make his vision come true. He can do that through the Bitnation platform.
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