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April 5, 2014

Bitcoin Fights Back at the O2!

Hosted by Richard Muirhead, Managing Partner at [email protected] panel discussion at The O2! Thanks to the guys at The Bitcoin Fighting Championship ( CoinScrum will be sponsoring a FREE event exclusive to members of this group at the Indigo at The O2 on the 5th April. Panel Debate: How Bitcoin Can Fight Back Against the Hackers and recent set backs! Is Bitcoin just a mind virus infecting the intelligent people waiting to get rich on a capital appreciation? Or can Bitcoin honeybadger its way back by showing the same resilience of the past 5 years?
To thrash it out in an adversarial philosophical debate we have: Chris Ellis, Bitcoin enthusiast, entrepreneur and chair of the debate. Regular guest on the Bitcoin Group ( and co-founder Feathercoin Chris super power is relentlessly seeking the truth by asking the hard questions everyone else is afraid of. Ben Dyson, Founder of Positive Money. A Bitcoin skeptic he believes Bitcoin was just a prototype and is full of design flaws. This could be good! Greg Davies, from Barclays (I know, I know) will be joining us to bring his expertise on behavioural economics and will tackle the incentive structure of the Bitcoin protocol. Gautam Dhillon ( founder of the Treasury Outsourcing Company who has also worked at Lloyds & JP Morgan is able to bring a perspective from inside the world of finance. Joining us live from New York, Michele Seven (, lifelong freedom advocate Michele is going to be chairing the debate from New York City ahead of the Inside Bitcoin Conference. Kristov Atlas, philosopher, computer scientist researching Bitcoin security. Checkout his Book Anonymous Bitcoin ( Josh Walker, is all about Combinatorics, graph theory, game theory. Applied mathematics, rigorous logical analysis, and true Socratic dialogue. This will be followed by plenty of opportunity to network. You can sign up now for free for the panel discussion and networking event.
Max Keiser vs Jamie Diamond!
Then as if that werent enough, at 6pm the doors will open to the worlds first Bitcoin Sporting Event featuring Max Keiser in a celebrity bout with someone that might resemble a well known banking type : ) The kick boxing event will be ticketed but we are pleased to announce we will be featuring exclusive £15 half price tickets for CoinScrum members purchased on the day. This will give you entry to an fast paced 8 Man kickboxing tournament and the after party in the VIP lounge from around 10:30 until late. Bitcoin just got promoted checkout the main stage: And the slick VIP lounge bar: It even has a pool table and balcony overlooking the main walkway through the O2 on the busiest night of the year (Gary Barlow has sold out the Arena apparently!).Sign up now and make this the biggest Bitcoin event EVER.
UPDATE 22/03 Please note Andreas Antonopoulos has had to cancel his appointments for April and sends his apologies.

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