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July 7, 2020

Hexa Wallet’s CEO, Anant Tapadia

Hexa Wallet launched into App stores over the weekend. This Bitcoin-only wallet sits neatly between a raft of highly technical wallets and more mainstream custodian wallets. Aimed at ‘pre-coiners’, HexaWallet is designed to onboard new users into Bitcoin whilst giving them all the freedoms of owning the currency. Naturally, we went in for a closer look.

Hexa Wallet has been in production since 2018 and is the latest product from BitHyve, a tech outfit based in the UK and India. The team wanted to create a wallet that introduces Bitcoin to a non-technical audience. Anant Tapadia, Founder and CEO, explained,

“The Bitcoin protocol is very complicated so it was important to hide its complexities. We spent a lot of time on the user experience because for us the challenge for us was in permitting the full range of freedoms associated with Bitcoin but to a general audience.”

The solution is a non-custodial, open source wallet that allows users to hold their own private keys


Hexa Wallet is intuitive. It features a Test Account pre-loaded with sats so users can get comfortable sending and receiving before using their own funds. Handily, it also allows you to invite contacts from your phone book and connect with their account via QR code.

Other features are completely unique, for example, the multi-account model. A Checking Account is provided for smaller amounts of BTC that you can spend on the fly. Think coffees and pizzas. The Savings Account is for storing larger amounts with added 2FA security.

The wallet has helpful explainers for newcomers and links to further information so that users can learn whilst they go along. The wallet also helpfully provides wallet back up using distributed recovery keys/QR codes, rather than a seed phrase. No more logging random words on a bit of paper that you are destined to lose.

Hexa Wallet is currently integrated with FastBitcoins so is it possible to buy Bitcoin directly into the wallet and there are plans for further integrations in the near future. Overall the wallet is lite and easy to use and lowers the barriers to entry for the decentralised economy that Bitcoin brings.

When asked why the wallet is limited to Bitcoin Anant had this to say,

“If you look at financial use cases around the world, Bitcoin fulfils most of them. Remittance, savings, permission-less spending and having join accounts around the world. All these things are what financial infrastructure means and you don’t really need anything other than Bitcoin for that”

Try Hexa Wallet for yourself.

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