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We really are crypto OG’s. Let’s work together!
We started Coinscrum way back in September 2012 for one reason – there were no meat-space communities for crypto enthusiasts.

From small beginnings where 5 people met in a pub to discuss bitcoin, we’ve grown our membership to over 6,000 members, having hosted over 200 free to attend educational and networking events since.

Many leading names in the blockchain industry have been through our doors, often pitching their wares for the first time.

We’ve always been open to all and have been here for no other reason than to allow like-minded people to meet, learn and be inspired to go onto bigger things.

We’re grass-roots at heart, technology-agnostic and have never had a crypto price-chart on our screens.

We’re simply passionate about helping people understand the opportunities our industry has to offer.

If you share these values and would like your own name to sit proudly next to ours, then get in touch.

We have bigger plans and would love you to support our journey.