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We really are crypto OG’s. Let’s work together!

We started Coinscrum way back in September 2012 for one reason – outside of the online forums, there were no physical communities where Bitcoin enthusiasts could meet and share ideas.

From small beginnings where 5 people met in a pub to chew the fat, we grew our meetup membership to over 6,000 members and hosted over 250 free to attend educational and networking events over the subsequent years.

With many of the leading innovators, projects and thought-leaders in the blockchain industry having been through our doors over the years, we’ve developed an exemplary network across the globe.

With our founder’s career spanning 20+ years in traditional finance, our knowledge and expertise bridges both the past and future of financial markets.

We’re as passionate about the technology and industry today as we were the day we started 8 years ago.

If you think your brand can benefit from ours, get in touch and we’ll make it happen.

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