12 December 2017 | 18:00

Coinscrum {Presents} - The Future of OpenBazaar w/ Brian Hoffman

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Monzo, 230 City Road, EC1Y 1BE

250 Cryptonauts

It has been an eventful year. Bitcoin all time highs, the activation of SegWit, the abandonment of SegWit2x, the birth of Bitcoin Cash, the OpenBazaar 2.0 release and OpenBazaar embarking on a multi-currency future.

Brian Hoffman (@brianchoffman), Project Lead of OpenBazaar and CEO of @OB1Company will present remotely on the future of OpenBazaar and answer questions (both OpenBazaar and Bitcoin related). Other speakers will present in person.

Albin Cauderlier (@AlbinCAUDERLIER) will discuss his work on mubiz.com (@Mubiz_en), a web gateway to decentralized marketplaces.

Michael Folkson (@michaelfolkson) will present RiskBazaar (@RiskBazaar) and the opportunities for assessing and transferring risk on a decentralized marketplace.

Daniel Murrell (@itsdsmurrell) will discuss the current experience of setting up a store on OpenBazaar 2.0.

The event will be sponsored by OB1, Blockchain and Monzo. Pizza, drinks and OpenBazaar swag will be provided.

Brian has recently been interviewed on the Software Engineering Daily podcast, discussed SegWit2x on the Unchained podcast (Episode 26) and appeared on Bitcoin Car Talk.