The DAO: How to not fuck it up


The DAO: How to not fuck it up

17. May 2016 Opinion , , , ,

Written by: Jack du Rose For the last fortnight, we, the Ethereum community, have been creating “The DAO”.We’re at ~$130M right now (subject to the price of Ether), and that I’m sure will jump substantially before the creation period ends.For the uninitiated, “The DAO” is, in simple terms, the world’s first decentralised investment fund. A […]

Satoshi is dead – long live Satoshi – team leader comes out

2. May 2016 Featured opinion, Opinion , ,

Craig Wright has just outed himself as the leader of the Satoshi Nakamoto team. I confirm that this is true, both from direct knowledge and a base of evidence. CARS. In an article on the Economist, Craig credited the late Dave Kleiman as member of the team. I confirm Kleiman was a member of the […]

Goodbye Mike and Some Thoughts About Bitcoin

16. January 2016 Opinion , , , , , ,

Originally published on Charles Hoskinson’s Blog Goodbye Mike and Some Thoughts About Bitcoin On Mike After reading Mike Hearn’s farewell letter to the community, I’ve decided to finally draft my thoughts on the blocksize debate, but first a few things about Mike. Hearn, joined the Bitcoin community back in May of 2009 and has been […]

Bitcoin’s Competitiveness In Kenya [an exposé]

12. January 2016 Featured opinion, Opinion , , , , , ,

Written and Filmed by: Tomer Kantor   In the last while, Bitcoin and Kenya, have been making the headlines (again), in Western media. First, it was Bitpesa, a Bitcoin digital exchange platform that got blocked by Safaricom. The reason Safaricom and their product Mpesa is so important to Bitpesa (or any other competitor trying to […]

A short history of decentralisation in financial cryptography

2. January 2016 Featured opinion, Opinion ,

Financial cryptography is what we sometimes call the space between finance and cryptography, which is a pretty big spectrum. But fun and exciting nonetheless! There is a lot of prior work, extending back to the 1980s, and a lot of different threads. Following is a list of events that led up to current times, focussing […]

What (further) did Bitcoin achieve – breaking the taboo on self-issuance

25. December 2015 Opinion , ,

(Author’s note.  This is the third in a series of posts within a grander vision. Part 1. Part 2.) Pressed Flower Money I spent 20 years trying to get a date with Ricardo. There were two huge problems. One: financial cryptography was banking. Banking was done by banks, and they certainly weren’t going to share their toys with […]

Welcome to

10. November 2015 Featured opinion, Home Feature, Opinion

In the three years since Ian Cresswell advertised the first meeting of The London Bitcoin Meetup Group (on 31st October 2012 at The Cleveland Arms in Paddington), a niche topic that had piqued the interest of just a few really has captured the imagination faster than anyone attending back then could have assumed. Since those […]

What Satoshi Did

29. October 2015 Opinion , , , ,

(Editor’s note.  This is part 0 in a series of posts within a grander plan  Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.) Satoshi Nakamoto drew from the history of cryptocurrencies since David Chaum’s seminal blinding formula in the 1980s.  He postulated that the flaw with existing approaches to cryptocurrencies was that a single powerful attacker could undermine and […]

Making Reputation Reputable

5. October 2015 Featured opinion, Opinion ,

The world is full of opinion. The internet has made this abundantly clear. We sometimes treat this as a revelation: “who does this obanana think he is, the president of America?” and other stupid comments are somehow treated as top news stories, even though they have always been there. The difference now is that the […]

Which Fedcoin?

5. October 2015 Opinion , , ,

Originally posted in: Cryptonomics David Andolfatto, Vice President of the St Louis Fed, published a most interesting post yesterday Fedcoin: On the Desirability of a Government Cryptocurrency. Andolfatto’s post is itself in reference to JP Koning’s Fedcoin piece of last October. Back then, I wrote a bit about that on a private email list that […]